Tchalai German Shepherd Dogs



A small kennel now located north of Saskatoon, in the scenic Saskatchewan Valley.

We aim to produce a German Shepherd Dog that has the correct conformation and the correct temperament. A dog that a person will be proud to walk down the street with and more importantly a dog that is pleasure to live with.

Our dogs are purebred German Shepherd Dogs and are all registered with the Canadian Kennel Club. They are strong and large boned dogs with calm and intelligent personalties.


The best and most versatile dog you will own!

The loyalty and intelligence of the German Shepherd Dog is undisputed. Give them love and leadership and you will be rewarded with a dog who will give it’s life for you.

The German Shepherd loves to be close to their family, they are a very sociable animal and make an ideal family dog.

This is a breed that is capable of the highest learning abilities and has a very strong protective instinct. Today, more than ever, dogs need to be properly trained and socialized and ultimately have an understanding of acceptable boundaries. A dog is for life and we have a policy of ongoing help and advice, or just simply keeping in touch.

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